Jigginstown House – Three Centred Arch

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Large Span, 3-Centred, Axed Arch, Jigginstown House, Naas, Co. Kildare, Eire   For many years Gerard has been lead Historic Brickwork Consultant for the Office of the Public Works (OPW) in Ireland. Much work has centred on the standard and cut and rubbed brickwork of Jigginstown House, Naas, Co. Kildare, (1635-40) built for Thomas Wentworth (1593–1641).  It fell into ruin after he was impeached and subsequently executed on Tower Hill. Since 2003, the brickwork of this 120 metre long building is being systematically stabilised using wholly traditional materials and craftsmanship, with the OPW masons operating under Gerard’s guidance. Recently work began on Gerard leading the masons in setting out a 3-centred ‘axed’ arch of 3.2 metres span, to replace the one lost many years ago over the Great Kitchen fireplace. This has been a huge undertaking involving setting out the geometry, plotting the voussoirs, bonding the face, developing the individual templets and cutting the bricks. Soon the arch will be re-instated, again with Gerard leading on its construction, to empathetically re-stabilise the masonry of this huge fireplace.