Gerard Lynch is an internationally acclaimed and highly respected historic brickwork consultant, master bricklayer, educator and author.

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Previously Head of Trowel Trades at Bedford college

Quality craft education and training ensures a sound understanding of what underpins all craftsmanship—traditional and modern materials, tools, equipment, technology, and the skills of how to prepare and correctly apply them.

Author of Technical & Historical Books

Books, peer-reviewed papers and articles on various traditional and historical aspects, which have received wide praise for their content and have led in the revival of interest and interpretation for traditional historic building practices.

Global Consultant
Training & inspiring craftsmen worldwide

Gerard not only travels across Great Britain to give advice & training, but is often employed overseas due to his profound expertise

Producing Hand Made Tools
Manufactured & assembled with precision!

Gerard Lynch has designed and produces a range of high quality, precision ‘Tuck Pointing’ tools and is the UK’s only supplier.

Latest News

From Dr Lynch

In a packed Carpenters’ Hall, in the City of London on the 5th of March, 2020, after a sumptuous dinner, Gerard was honoured by The Worshipful Company of Tylers and Bricklayers


Carved Brickwork Crest  presented to the Worshipful Company of Tylers and Bricklayers    The Red Mason is acknowledged the world over as the leading authority and master of the art


The original fireplace and remains of the three-centred arch As part of his ongoing retention by the ‘Office of the Public Works’ (OPW) in Ireland as their Historic Brickwork Consultant


As an acknowledged expert on the historic use of hot-lime mortars and singularly responsible for reviving interest in them through his writings at the onset of the 1990s, when misconceptions


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``As an accomplished craftsman Gerard's experiences give him a particular specialist appreciation that allows a singularly practical interpretation of the fact his investigations reveal.`` - Michael Hammett Dip Arch ARIBA

Radical change is necessary for current craft education and training. We must invest quality time, energy, and money into well-designed craft education and training, studying and respecting both past and modern aspects, and encourage self-belief in our future craftspeople—for we are no less able today than historic craftsmen of producing the masterpieces we marvel at today.  Only by demanding quality apprenticeships and learning environments that develop an ethos clearly seen to be producing superb craftspeople, employed in an industry that promotes quality of work and service, can we ask others to also place value on our once-noble crafts.

Those of us fortunate to have had all-embracing time-served craft apprenticeships, and to have worked alongside and learned from older craftsmen possessing traditional skills and knowledge, are now around 50 years of age plus. When we, and particularly the master craftsmen, are gone, that historic craft link will be forever broken.

One ignores a craft’s history, knowledge, and skills at one’s peril, perhaps best summed up by this old Chinese proverb:

“If a man dwells on the past then he robs the present. But if a man ignores the past then he may rob the future. The seeds of our destiny are nurtured by the roots of the past.”

PHD & Masters Degree
& a winner of multiple awards!

given the title of ‘Kentucky Colonel’, the Commonwealth’s highest honour, awarded for his significant contribution to craft education and training.

Bespoke Service
to private & corporate clients

Gerard provides truly unique expertise, practically & academically with a wide array of publications, courses & services available.

Innovation & Re-kindling
restoring hidden knowledge.

Gerard is a pioneering mind in this highly specialised branch of the craft, rediscovering skills, and with them the long lost use of historic tools, such as the brick axe.

Expert Witness
on dispute, impasse or loss

Due to Gerard’s highest qualifications, he is experienced in, and can offer expert witness services, to legal practices on dispute, impasse or loss in any field related to Historic, Decorative, Post-war Modern, brickwork, its craftsmanship – quality and ability.


Enjoy looking through various different projects that Gerard has completed or been involved in.


Gerard is available to produce custom designed and hand cut, laid & carved gauged brickwork. Laid with 1mm joints using the finest quality ‘rubbers’. Previous commissions include the ‘Frederick Seal’ in Kentucky USA.

Creating this involves a lot of work: typically around 80 hours….Read More

Frederick Seal


Design with accuracy is essential for a gauged work carving piece, Gerard Lynch is equipped with the skills & knowledge to produce traditional brick carvings and  create bespoke pieces for clients.



As a time served craftsman, and with an artistic mind & eye, Gerard hand cut’s, rub’s, lay’s & carves each brick with precision & skill.



The result of highly skilled work is a high quality finished product, suitable for display internally, externally or to be laid in situ.


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Woburn Sands

Milton Keynes


Email: info@theredmason.co.uk

Phone: +44 1908 584163

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